Do You Have Any Tutorial That Can Show Me How To Buy Followers, Likes, Comments, etc?

Yes! We have uploaded the videos on our YouTube channel. Kindly Goto YouTube and search for SMplug or CLICK HERE to visit our channel on YouTube. This will guide you on the proper usage of our website & how to order for your social media services without any error

How Do I Know The Right Link To Use When Ordering Followers, Likes, Comments?

If you are a first-time user of our website, the FIRST THING we advise you should do is to watch ALL our tutorial videos. These videos have been created to guide you on how to correctly place your orders on SMplug. You can CLICK HERE to watch our Tutorial Video.

In summary, listed below are the correct link formats

1. Followers - PLEASE USE YOUR CORRECT PROFILE/PAGE LINK ( We don’t accept Invite links, usernames or private accounts )
2. Likes - PLEASE USE YOUR FULL POST/VIDEO LINK ( Make sure your account is NOT on private )
3. Comments - PLEASE USE YOUR FULL POST/VIDEO LINK ( Make sure your account is NOT on private )
4. Youtube Subscribers - YOUR FULL YOUTUBE CHANNEL LINK IS REQUIRED ( Make sure your account is NOT on private )
5. Youtube Views - YOUR FULL VIDEO LINK IS REQUIRED ( Make sure your account is NOT on private )

I Made An Order On SMplug But I Am Yet To Get Them. What Do I Do?

-The first thing you want to do is check and confirm if you used the CORRECT LINK
-You also want to check if the account is on private
-Once all these are checked, you want to check the START TIME & DELIVERY TIME in the description of the order you placed
If all these are met and you still have not gotten your order, kindly hold on a bit till after 24hrs, you should get them and if not, kindly contact SMplug support number on WhatsApp (08105898068)

Why Are My Followers Dropping/Unfollowing?

-You need to understand that we have different services with different pricing on the website depending on your budget.
-They all have different pricing for the same quantity.
Expect more drops/unfollowing if you use the NORMAL QUALITY service. It was well stated under the order description of that service that you should expect a 10 - 50% drop.

Expect fewer drops if you use the BEST QUALITY service
Always make sure you read every detail & order description on our website before placing your orders. We expect this from you and will not attend to any complaints regarding drops. All the information is on our website already.

Can I place an order for the same link twice while the first one is still not completed ?

-No, Make sure the first order is completed before placing the second order if you are going to place the order using the same link
If you place multiple orders on the same link at a time, without allowing the former orders to be completed, count it as a loss. We cannot refund it.
-But You can place as many orders as possible at the same time if they are SEPARATE/DIFFERENT LINKS/DIFFERENT PAGES

Do I Have To Be Online Whenever I Place An Order?

-No, you can completely go offline or switch off your phone, we will complete your orders while you are away so far they are well placed.

How Long Should I Wait For My Order To Be Delivered?

Most services start to deliver in 5 - 10 Minutes. But the maximum time you should wait for any order to begin is 24 HOURS!

After placing an order, please wait for the 24-hour period to elapse before contacting our support.